Banh beo – Bloating Fern-shaped cake

Banh beo - Bloating Fern-shaped cake
Banh beo - Bloating Fern-shaped cake

Bloating Fern-shaped cake is very popular in the middle of Viet Nam and it is also a special local food in Hoi An. Tourists arriving in Hoi An not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also enjoy the special foods. Enjoying food is also a culinary art and more importantly, local food also expresses the culture and traditions of the different regions, where you have ever visited.

Culinary arts in Hoi An today are very diverse with lots of delicious dishes… some expensive, some cheap… European, Chinese, Indian… and Vietnamese. However, when the visitors come to Hoi An, they often enjoy the rustic dishes in a small restaurant or on the sidewalk. There are many delicious local dishes in Hoi An but we specially mention Bloating Fern-shaped cake is a simple dish but it taste well for most people.

Making the Bloating Fern-shaped cake

Bloating Fern-shaped cake is very simple as its name suggests but very delicious, the way to make Bloating Fern-shaped cake is not so difficult, but making a delicious cake soft and beautiful requires a personal formula for each small restaurant.

– Main components of Bloating Fern-shaped cake include: rice flour, stuffing (from shrimp and pork ground) and fish sauce with green chilli.

Banh beo ingredients
Banh beo ingredients

– Auxiliary components of Bloating Fern-shaped cake include: fried onion, crushed roasted peanuts or “ram giòn” (from dried and fried noodles).

– Bloating Fern-shaped cake is steamed and then served with a porcelain bowl and a bamboo spoon to enjoy it.

In addition, more special, you can enjoy sweet bloating fern-shaped cake. It is only available in Hoi An. They add a little bit sugar into the rice flour to create the sweet bloating fern-shaped cake delicious and strange taste.

Sweet bloating fern-shaped cake
Sweet bloating fern-shaped cake

The best small Bloating Fern-shaped cake restaurants in Hoi An are on the sidewalk. Make sure that, when you visit a banh beo restaurant, you will probably enjoy a few dozen bowls.


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